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United Arab Emirates: the excellences of Made in Italy

In the United Arab Emirates, Made in Italy means above all “Food and Beverages”, the most representative category of the Italian “Know-how” (according to 40% of consumers), followed by “Fashion and Accessories” (32%). The agrifood evocation is connected to a high penetration rate: 91% of consumers has purchased Italian food in at least one occasion.

Perception of Made in Italy food

In the United Arab Emirates, Made in Italy food is particularly appreciated for the uniqueness of tastes and flavors (first distinguishing features according to 26% of consumers), for the typical and traditional recipes (21%) as well as for the high quality of raw materials (relevant feature for 17% of consumers).

Reputation of Made in Italy food products

Italy leads the quality rank: 20% of United Arab Emirates consumers considers Italian food products to have better distinctive qualities compared to other countries products. Both Western and Eastern consumers appraise Italian food, whilst concerning American and Arab food there are strong differences in preferences based on the nationality of the consumer.

Focus On Markets: UK

Reputation of Made in Italy cheese

The UK market has a high potential for Made in Italy cheese: the consumers generally show a strong inclination to try new things (over the last year, 80% of British have consumed cheese from foreign countries) and Italy figures as the second most sought-after country for the purchase of cheese (16% of UK consumers indicated Italy as the most wanted origin when selecting cheese; whilst 34% indicated France). For two consumers out of three, the Made in Italy cheese quality is the same of French cheese, whereas 20% perceive higher quality for Italian cheese compared to French ones.

Perception of Italian cheese

For UK consumers, the uniqueness of tastes and flavors represents the feature best defining the distinctive quality of Made in Italy cheese (first features perceived by 29% of the consumers). In the UK, Italian cheese is also appreciated for being typical/traditional, a relevant attribute for 17% of consumers, and for the cultural background and history it reflects (12%).

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